Hello!  It has certainly been a while. I hope this post finds you all well. This year has been quite the whirlwind for myself and my family and I had to step away from crafting for a while. Much longer than I would have liked. Between adjusting to our move, working full time hours at my "dayjob" and raising my two small children there was not time for this paper craft love of mine. 

I recently walked away from my career and am now home full time with my kids, who I homeschool with the help of my amazing mother. I am really looking forward to getting this blog up and running again and sharing my love of paper crafting with you all. It may take a little while for me to hit my stride so please be patient with me. 

For those who have been following me for a while, you may have noticed that my website and social media handles have changed. Given all the other changes in my life, I thought it was a good time to give my brand a little makeover. I wanted something that reflects more of my personality. You can now find my blog at www.sweetnspicystamper.com

I have been busy the past couple weeks working to get lots of projects ready to share with you. Along the way, I also plan to share pieces of what I have learned during my 16 years working in the mental health field.  Mental Health has always been of utmost importance, but I think now, given COVID and the immense challenges the changes related to the pandemic have brought into our lives, it is even more essential that we are making conscious efforts to engage in activities that keep us sane, give us a sense of accomplishment and mastery and help foster connections with those closest to us.  There are so many ways that you can use crafting (and blogging) to cultivate joy in your life and in the lives of those around you. 

I am excited to share this new beginning with you. Adventure awaits!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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